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Circular economy, plastic and waste WEEE management, Reuse-upcycling sector, IDP and CAMPS Vocational Training, Distance learning Centres, Incubator and support to social entrepreneurs  Youth and Women, ThinkTank


Ms Anita RASOAMBOLOLONA (25 y. old) has kaunched a NGO in Madagascar to create ODeLs (Online Distance e-Learning) Centres using e-Waste to fuel it up, called InSERT.  InSERT aims to set up 13 ODeL centres for training in slums, financed by donations of used computers, as written in InSERT has already partners such as and but also in Malaysia and Europe.


Training programmes

The ODELs are capable of delivering training and learning online and in person in the learning centres. 


*Training for Computer technicians and electricians

Training can be provided for electricians and technicians to repair reuse and rebuild electric and electronic stuff and materials (not ‘waste’!).  .  People able to become skilled, and then become independent as social entrepreneurs supported by Insert and Arís (a European re-use proposal), similar to 'Le Relais en Afrique; initiative...means subcontracting reuse work to eligible stations...


*Training for builders using plastic building materials for homes in camps/slums

Insert is also developing training session and support for members of a construction Cooperative for transforming plastic waste into building materials to make homes in slums-camps etc. .see  This is complementary to training in e-Waste.


*Training for peri urban aquaculture and sustainable agriculture

Insert has also skills for training about hinterland aquaculture and sustainable culture. Such as hydroponics reusing plastics waste as materials



The scheme is hugely replicable.  and people in Insert speak English, French, German and other languages.



Insert is registered as a NGO  in EC pador, UNGM 


Team Members

Ms Anita Rasoambololona , 

- Director of InSERT NGO


Mr Jean Venier 

- Advisor, Consultant for InSERT NGO