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Secret Scotland Tours

Secret Scotland Tours, founded in 2007, aims to help visitors experience Scotland by encouraging them to travel slow and explore more. Their mission is to reduce the impact of over-tourism by steering visitors to places that are away from the mainstream tourist trails.

Secret Scotland Tours staff actively engage with litter picking activities around the country since there is a large amount of littering that is accompanying the increase of tourism in Scotland. Secret Scotland has also replaced all guidebooks with digital versions to reduce plastic production and the carbon footprint from printing processes, paper, delivery, and packaging.


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Secret Scotland Tours commits to:
  • Encouraging the 200 small accommodation businesses in Scotland with whom they are working to join the GTPI in the first year after signing the GTPI.
  • Advising and guiding affiliated organisations and businesses or partners to better manage plastics in their operations through best practices, criteria, standards and/or policies, and support them to implement their commitments to the GTPI. Secret Scotland Tours commits notably to introducing a section in their guides to promote best practice in responsible and sustainable tourism to all their clients
  • When selecting business partners to work with, they will assess their compliance with the aims of the GTPI and advise them about actions they might take to support the aims of the initiative.
  • Using their social media channels to highlight the impact of single-use plastics in the Scottish environment and highlight the GTPI to business partners and clients.