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Say Hueque Journeys

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We travel for good. This is our commitment to Earth:
- We are carbon negative: Since August 2020, we are the first travel company in Argentina to compensate for the CO2 emissions from all trips when traveling by land. But we decided that was not enough: this tewe took this one step further to remove more carbon dioxide than we produce.
To make this possible, through the Adventure Travel Trade Association we are partnering with South Pole, one of the most reputable organizations on Climate Change actions, to make sure that those resources go directly to the projects that are working to reduce our carbon footprints on our planet.
- We reforest: In Partnership with Reforestarg, and other local NGOs, we stand and act against deforestation. Every year, we donate and plant more than 1.000 trees in damaged zones of Patagonia to help restore native forests.
- We empower local communities: We are locals that work with locals. We believe that travel has the power to contribute to the sustainable development of the host communities we visit and improve their livelihoods.
That’s why we: We work with more than 50 small and family-run operators, always prefer independent local accommodation over chain hotels, we love sharing our local culture in a respectful way and we encourage tourists to shop ethically and consciously and choose street vendors and artisans over mass-produced tourist shops.
- We partner for good: We sign world treats to fight against climate change.
Our goal is to become a B corporation by 2024.