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Saudi Green Building Forum (SGBF)

Since inception in 2010 SGBF's intention “The ideal reference for sustainability and green building practices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world; The most prominent representative of the community with the interest in safety, health and the environment.”


Promoting the sustainability for people, plant and prosperity by advocating scientific-based and community driven human experience for:


  • Health and Wellbeing: A built environment that delivers healthy, equitable and resilient buildings, communities and cities.

  • Sustainable Consumption and Production: A built environment that supports the regeneration of natural resources and systems, providing a social and economic benefit through a thriving green circular economy.

  • Climate Action: Completely removing carbon from the built environment.


UNTAPPED TREASURES SGBF’s Carbon calls on all member states and civil societies to reach net zero carbon emissions within their home land ownership for all activists by 2030 advocating carbon naturally commitment in operation by 2050. The calls seek to recognise and promote advanced climate leadership in decarbonising the built environment, to inspire others to take similar action, and to remove barriers to implementation. It aims to challenge the chances of limiting global warming to below 2oC and reduce operating emissions from buildings accounted to 39% of energy-related CO2 emissions, through the three components of the Commitment framework: ACKNOWLEDGE, PERFORMANCE/ VERIFICATION/ APPLICATIONS OUTREACH SGBF priorities for the future we want, the global citizens we are by addressing the green and responsible actions: SGBF committed to three steps on Climate Change: The long-term alteration of temperature and typical weather patterns in a place. Climate change could refer to a particular location or the planet as a whole. SGBF’s Methodologies based on Green: Buildings, Cities and Transportation; Infrastructure: Solidarity of regional and urban cities and Transportation; Value chain: Commitment to Value-Chain Approach to food, construction and textiles; And Investment: Endorsement global green economy realignment SGBF’s Emphasis on continuous quality education for health, safety and the environment. Supporting places severely affected by crises;
Climate Action Plan Pending


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