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Resume Length Dogma


Some traditional proffesional resume writers and pundits say that one page is the maximum, others say two. Well, here's a fact: If you have a well written resume that grabs attention above the fold, and continues to sell your suitability, no reviewer is going to stop reading at page two, three, or four, and refuse to read further because you have broken a resume commandment. 


Gatekeepers (recruiters, staffing managers, hiring managers etc.) do not have time to check resume length during an initial scan.  Frequently, the linkedin resume writers will not know how long your resume is until she reaches the third or fourth page.  At that point it will not matter because you will have done a good selling job, or not. The point is, if she reads or scans beyond page two, you have survived the dreaded ten second scan. Besides, a longer resume is more likely to survive an in-depth examination than a one-pager.


Job ads placed in the newspaper classifieds are priced per word and per line. Only the most highly paid positions justify the cost of detailed job descriptions in the printed classifieds. On the other hand, the cost of placing an online job ad is the same regardless of the level of detail or the nature of the position. This means that employers who use online job ads can be, and often are, much more specific in their job descriptions. This also means that your resume should be able to address the most important job requirements in your field. 


Job descriptions on online job boards are rarely constrained by space. If you are responding to a job advertised online, neither should your resume be so constrained. If you are applying for a position that lists many required skills and qualifications, your resume must be able to demonstrate proficiency in each requirement, help from legal resume writers is beneficial. Quite often, a one or two-page resume will not be up to the task. So, if your level of experience demands a three, four or five-page resume, go ahead.


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