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Pulpería Quilapan is a restaurant, a grocery store and a social hang out in the old neighborhood of San Telmo, Buenos Aires. It is located in a colonial house, which combines cultural, archaeological, gastronomic and environmental qualities, making it a unique and particular space in the city. It perfectly combines cultural richness with sustainable innovation.
It has an interesting archaeological heritage available to guests, materialized in objects rescued from the 18th century, such as fragments of English pottery, old toys, and tobacco mouthpieces, among others.
It has a green roof that allows a good thermal insulation and an abundant production of mint to offer in homemade lemonades; at the same time it contributes to offset the urban heat island phenomenon. In order to save drink water, all of the rain water is gathered from the roofs of the Pulpería Quilapán, and then used for the toilets, the watering of the garden, and some of the cleaning.
Pulpería Quilapán also has an inclusive team. The staff is multicultural, counts with workers in reinsertion, and collaborates with the psychiatric hospital of Buenos Aires for the care of the rooftop garden.