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Pt Pran Indo Permata Abadi, PT P.I.P.A., founded in 1998, strives to promote Water as an immediate platform to reach the Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia. PT P.I.P.A. has implemented the circular economy principles of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for decades and led its partners in reducing, recycling, and reusing their water.
Global Tourism Plastics Initiative Signatory
As a recognized water sustainability Engineering company, PT P.I.P.A. explores, designs, implements, and communicates solutions answering global challenges with special attention to the hospitality sector, one of the main contributors to water over-consumption and plastic pollutions. For instance, it engineers innovative drinking water solutions that allow using less or no plastic at all.

Through new production and consumption patterns and appropriate use of modern technology associated with sincere behavioral changes, PT P.I.P.A. aims to demonstrate the financial, social, and environmental benefits of an improved water ethic while highlighting the true costs of water, especially its hidden environmental and social costs.

Making use of new communication tools and combining new partnerships, PT P.I.P.A aspires to trigger responsibility and solidarity. PT P.I.P.A. notably cooperates with global “Sustainability” players such as “M.V.B.” (Most Valuable Business), WBCSD, U.N. Global Compact Network, or Green Building Council Indonesia, and leads workshops, that involve central, regional and local governments, as well as universities, and NGOs.


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, PT P.I.P.A commits to: 

  • Encouraging “MVB” members and business partners to join the Global Tourism Plastic Initiative by giving a presentation to the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and signing a collaboration agreement with the Indonesian Association of International Hotels during the second half of 2021, by promoting activities towards Hotels and restaurants supply chain partners to improve wastewater management and encouraging policymakers to promote safe drinking water on coastal or seashore areas as a mitigation solution to reduce single-use plastic bottles starting the second semester of 2021. 
  • Advising and guiding organizations and businesses or partners to better manage plastics in their operations by inaugurating an “award-winning” solution to eliminate plastic bottles usage in hotels, restaurants, and MICE during the second quarter of 2021, by mobilizing at least 10 new commitments from other group's hotels in Jakarta within the next 2 months and disseminating the activity outside of Jakarta, in Bali and Yogjakarta in association with “MVB” during the second half of 2021.
  • Inaugurating the pilot project and presenting it to the media in presence of representatives of Jakarta’s government and ministry of tourism during the second quarter of 2021, updating regularly major international tourism stakeholders, including "International Tourism Alliance", "One planet network" as well as "Wonderful Indonesia" on PT P.I.P.A’s progress, and communicating towards travel agencies, communication partners, social media, as well as magazines.