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PT. Bali Ocean Magic

Waterbom Bali is a tour operator based in Indonesia. They seek to be a leader in the water park industry when it comes to being responsible for social values, cultural preservation, awareness, and commitment to sustainable business practices. In that vein, they try to reduce plastic material that has the potential to leak into the landfill by implementing advanced waste sorting in a centralized waste sorting area located within the compound. They also implemented a single-use plastic-free regulation on items sold in the park. Finally, they regularly audit third parties who collect their waste to ensure their capability to recycle and ensure that most of the materials they send still have economic value.

Role in programme(s):


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Waterbom Bali commits to:
  • Encouraging partners in the supply chain and at destination level to join the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative by engaging an estimated 750 participants through 48 awareness raising educational programming by 2025;
  • Advising and guiding partners in the supply chain and at destination level to better manage plastics in their operations through practices, criteria, standards, and/or policies including those set in their 2022 memorandum whereby partners are obligated to sort their waste;
  • Communicating successes to partners, suppliers, travelers, and key local stakeholders on social media;
  • Sending less than 5% of waste to the landfill (currently at 5% on average) through implementing their 3 pillars of sustainability – measure, reduce, and report;
  • Reporting publicly and annually on the progress of the implementation of commitments.