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Projects Abroad

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We are in a climate and biodiversity crisis. At Projects Abroad, we believe that international travel, rather than being a contributor to the crisis, can be a major part of the solution. For decades, we’ve mobilised the enthusiasm of our volunteers, and the funds they bring, to help combat climate change. Since 2015, we’ve collected 82 tonnes of waste, planted 130,000 trees, 80,000 mangroves, released 320,000 turtle hatchlings, and removed 2,245 snares to name just a few initiatives we lead. We also offset 100% of carbon emissions from the flights we book. However, we realise that this is not enough and we need to do more. That’s why we’ve made the commitment to be fully climate positive by 2023. We will achieve this by measuring and decarbonising all our operations and projects. We will focus more of our volunteer projects on initiatives that benefit the environment. This means expanding our reforestation, rewilding, regreening, and animal release efforts. We also commit to increasing employment in local communities we serve around the world. This is incredibly important for conservation, because it creates viable local economic alternatives in rural areas, and increases the value of conserving natural landscapes. We are more than the sum of our parts. That’s why the only way we’ll successfully decarbonate travel, is for all organisations related to international travel to align with the Glasgow Declaration and we encourage all to do so.