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Pousada Serra Verde

Pousada Serra Verde is an ambitious project that aims to create an ecolodge and an educational center at the foot of the Picos do Marumbi, in Brazil. Pousada Serra Verde aims to become self-sufficient in the production of energy and organic food by 2025.

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In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Pousada Serra Verde commits to:

  • Eliminating from their rooms 100% of their plastic packaging by 2022
  • Eliminating from their food and drink services 100% of single-portion or single-serving packaging by 2021
  • Eliminating from their kitchens 100% of cling films by 2022 
  • Introducing reusable solution in their rooms to replace plastic packaging by 2021
  • Introducing reusable solution in food and drink services to replace single-portion or single-serving packaging by 2021
  • Introducing reusable solution in kitchen to replace cling films by 2022
  • Taking action to increase the amount of recycled content across all plastic packaging and items used by 2025
  • Committing to collaborate with others and we will invest in collection and segregation of recyclable and organic materials in our facilities to help increase recycling and composting rates in practice


Pousada Serra Verde is an Ecolodge in Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest. We are surrounded both by natures beauty and by the destruction caused by man - less than 8% of this fragile biosphere remains. We work to educate and make positive impacts through guest interaction and working with local communities. We also plan to start a replanting program this year.


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Policy aims We endeavour to: · Comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements. · Continually improve and monitor...