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Positive Impact Forever

Positive Impact Forever offers zero waste management programs, certifications and training as well as sustainability coaching. Their programs are based on a circular, blue economy and are tailor-made to improve environmental impacts.

Role in programme(s):


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Positive Impact Forever commits to:

  • Doing Zero Waste certifications for hotels and businesses and encouraging them to become signatories of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative
  • Encouraging partners from ROLE Foundation and One Island One Voice to join the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative 
  • Developing and sharing overview of certified hotels and businesses 


The organization is committed to reduce the negative impact we have on planet Earth and specifically in reducing the waste going to landfill through our Z6R0Waste program. Our mission is to inspire everyone we work with to have a positive impact on their environment as we believe just reducing our negative impact is not good enough anymore. As an organization we minimize our carbon footprint through reducing travel to only the necessary, as long distance travel is the biggest part of our carbon footprint, and to mostly work remotely. 
Climate Action Plan Pending