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physisorg is an environmental organisation based in Athens,Greece that works with businesses such as SMEs through our sustainable business education workshops that provides tools and resources to train business owners and staff on the best practices to adopt in their operations.

we use an ipcc based educational tool and an interactive tool powered by google and california academy of sciences to equip them with the neccessary knoweldge and skils to implement sustainable practices effectively

The education workshops prioritizies locally sourced,organic and planet based ingredients by helping businesses identify suppliers that align with environmentally friendly practices which encourages a sustainable supply chain through working suppliers such as organic farmers' copperatives such as mpostani that sell products that sustain our resources and the environment. Through our collaboration the sustainable producers to businesses such as resturants which promotes sustainable production

our education  promotes energy efficiency by providing ways on how these businesses can reduce their engery consumption through our collaborations with stake holders such as energy appliance manufactures, and renenwable energy providers such as solar companies that give low energy consumpting products at reduced prices to smes  which incentivizes businesses to adopt sustainable pratices and provide guidance on implementing them.

we foster collaboration and offer pratical solutions to sustainable transport for businesses through our to support busineses that rely on transportation such as delivery and courier businesses adopt sustainable providing incentives that help business acquire hybird and electric vehicles at affoarable means whic enables accelerating the transition to sustainable consumption and production.

Impact Measurement and award, physisorg emphasises the importance of measuring and reporting progress which helps businesses track key performance indicators related to sustainable consumption and production and provide guidelines for transparent reporting through our caculator. Regular reporting allows businesses to monitor their achievements, get awarded, identify areas for improvement, and showcase their commitment to sustainability.


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Physisorg is committed to partnering with businesses to help them reduce their environmental impact. Our goal is to foster sustainability and encourage responsible business practices that contribute to the preservation of the environment.