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Pacific Tourism Organisation

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Home to millions of people spread across a unique and diverse region made up of thousands of islands, our Pacific Island and ocean resources have sustained us for generations. However, we are experiencing firsthand the effects of climate change, natural disasters and external shocks. The destructive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on tourism globally have severely compounded our vulnerability as a region. We now have the opportunity to rebuild our economies, provide decent work opportunities, reduce poverty, enhance social inclusion, and protect our natural and cultural assets. Future visitation to our region should not only balance economic, social and environmental needs, but must also be conscious, regenerative and restorative. We see tourism as the Vaka, the vessel we use to navigate towards greater sustainability and the resilience of our people, our islands and our ocean. The Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) is inspired by our people and the leadership of our Council of Tourism Ministers, who had officially endorsed the Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework 2030 on 28 October 2021. It reaffirms our shared vision, that “By 2030 we are empowered by, and benefitting from tourism that is resilient, prosperous and inclusive. We want tourism that improves the wellbeing of our communities and protects, restores and promotes our cultures, islands and ocean ecosystems”. SPTO commits to mobilizing partnerships and resources to support our members in meeting the aspirations of the Glasgow Declaration through the five pathways. We will contribute to advancing sustainable tourism partnerships and region-wide collaboration, support prosperous and resilient economies through legislation and policies that guide sustainable growth, prioritise green investments, support the creation of high quality, authentic experiences for visitors that reflect each country’s uniqueness, empower our communities to benefit from tourism and ensure our cultures remain strong, protect our islands and oceans, build resilience to climate change and transition to a low emission, resource- efficient sector.
Climate Action Plan Pending