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ONG Cruz Verde Ambiental

ONG Cruz Verde Ambiental is an NGO based in Colombia. The mission of the Green Cross Environmental Organization is to raise awareness of different environmental problems and to look for solutions. The mission of the organisation is to be a regional reference point on the implementation of environmental policies aimed at different sectors of society and the economy, in order to establish a series of behaviours and actions that mitigate, preserve and protect the global environment.




In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, ONG Cruz Verde Ambiental commits to: 
  • Encourage affiliated organisations to join the GTPI by running activities which encourage partners to adopt a series of guidelines aligned with GTPI objectives. Activities include: launching a Tourism Awareness Program on plastics, Environmental Leadership Program, Program of Good Environmental Practices – Tourism Sector, Program of Incentives and Certification in Good Environmental Practices – Tourism Sector, providing trainings, running beach cleanings. ONG Cruz Verde Ambiental encourages partner organisations to comply with environmental guidelines via a collaboration and commitment agreement; they will target reaching a total of 25-35 partner organisations by 2024.
  • Advise and guide affiliated organisations to better manage plastics in their operations by providing standards or a standards certification to measure their achievements. ONG Cruz Verde Ambiental will target providing 10 trainings, supporting the development of 3 policies or strategies, training 25 professionals, and certifying 4 organisations by 2024.
  • Communicate successes to affiliated organisations via their website, social networks, in-person events, promotional videos.
  • Reporting publicly and annually on progress made towards these targets.