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NotOnMap is a tech enabled initiative connecting Travel Industry with hidden, untapped culturally rich marginalized & vulnerable villages in India, thereby supporting sustainable alternate livelihood for villagers & minimizing unskilled migration by capitalizing on their invaluable assets. We make ‘Community Model Villages’ by creating SHGs, involving in extensive capacity building & training them, & then invite researchers, explorers & travelers who participate in local activities aimed towards overall development of community. We are working with 2000+ families across 14 states in India and have impacted 46,000 lives in last 3.5 years.

NotOnMap being the Voice of these villagers/farmers is creating a bridge between travellers looking for authentic cultural exploration and those villagers who can provide similar experiences for these travellers.

Role in programme(s):


Development aims to bring growth; however, is often accompanied by undesirable consequences at Social, Environment & cultural level. 
We believe: “Development means Healing” - A step towards creating a just, equal, and prosperous world by taking conscious decisions and thoughtful execution of sustainable practices. A World That Cares!
We commit to become ‘Net Zero by 2025’ (Direct business), Influence 10M service providers across value chain to follow at least one practice towards carbon neutrality by 2030 & support in reducing carbon emissions by 40% in travel industry by 2030 by deploying rural travel best practices & following SBTis.