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Nomad lodges

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In Today’s world, we are over connected and ironically disconnected simultaneously. With the advancement in technology and social media at our fingertips, almost every person on earth is consumed by information online and by their devices. Yet, our society is completely disconnected from global socio-cultural and economic crises such as poverty and the global heating crisis. These are just two of the crises humanity faces today, but tomorrow, we would have to tackle the immigration crises and plundering natural resources. 
Inspired by this through 7 years of hard work, Nomad Lodges was conceived. This global model of ecotourism based in the integration of local communities and their stance as “Guardians of lands and culture” has presented itself as a sustainable solution to our ongoing global crises. We strongly believe in the balance between nature and people. 
Nomad Lodges is an excellent example of how a well managed tourism project can help solve socio-cultural and economic problems on a local scope. We work closely with local and indigenous communities whilst providing them with the skills and knowledge to help them secure a sustainable income, through which they can continue to conserve their culture and land. 
Nomad Lodge’s simple but effective business model, can be replicated in countless geographies to set an example of how we can provide a better future to our local communities. 
Climate Action Plan Pending

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The first operation was just a test with 20 families. We collect 150kg of waste (100 plastic, 20 cans and 30 paper) We give...