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Natufagus Tourism Consulting

Natufagus Consulting is a professional sustainable tourism organization, that was created in 2012 in Chile. One of Natufagus Consulting’s main goals is to give an alternative consultancy service by providing a comprehensive approach to living harmoniously with the environment, culture, and communities.

Natufagus Consulting provides a framework to support the tourism sector towards building a circular economy of plastics in local destinations, restaurant, and hotels in Chile.


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Natufagus Consulting commits to:
  • Encouraging affiliated organisations and businesses or partners to join the GTPI by initiating and maintaining contacts with all private and public tourism organizations in Chile
  • Advising and guiding affiliated organisations and businesses or partners to better manage plastics in their operations through practices, criteria, standards and/or policies, and support them to implement their commitments to the GTPI when applicable by presenting the GTPI in Chile and collecting data to explain how much of the plastics used in the tourism sector in Chile are made to be thrown away.
  • Communicating successes to affiliated organizations and businesses or partners, travellers, and key local stakeholders by setting up public meetings and presenting the objectives of GTPI.
  • Collecting and analyzing data, writing reports and project findings and outlining recommendations for moving towards the reduction of plastics and their environmental impact in tourism destinations in Chile.