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National Interfaith and Intercultural Association

National Interfaith and Intercultural Association is an Interfaith organization that is an affiliate of United Religious Initiative.The 16 key members of this URI CC in Malawi has its Headquarters in Riverside Arcade Building in Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa.We exist to advocate environment, coexistence, education, culture and dialogue at local and international platforms.

Since post Covid we have made a tremendous contribution to Sustainable Food Consumption through our Sustainable Agriculture.This effort compelled Southern Africa Faith Community Environment Institute to give us support of a one week standardized training on environment advocacy campaigns.This indeed added value on the task of Sustainably Food consumption of which among others 500 farmers of Lilongwe rural areas and citizens of Lilongwe at large have indeed benefited.

We also affiliated with Green Faith International who trained us and supported us with small grants that helped us to advocate Food Security in Lilongwe city and how to us water Sustainably.This campaign was launched in partnership with Pamodzi women Foundation.On this we targeted women as a tactical measure to promote the Sustainable Food Consumption at family level.This also gave us opportunity to advocate climate change issues.Areas of Lilongwe that benefited are A46, A36, A8, A25, Ndaula Church and all small holder farmers around Lilongwe city.In total 503 families benefited on this initiative.

The successfulness on these campaigns opened an opportunity to sign a Pledge of Global Alliance in Nutrition.This is a world wide campaign in Sustainable Food Consumption through Policy advocacy and Community outreach.Currently we have approached ministry of Agriculture through the office of Nutrition to work with us.This will help us to use government structure to reach prominent farmers.The ministry will provide information on how grown agricultural produce can be processed and consumed at family level and end malnutrition.Lilongwe district and Mchinji are our pilot area targeting 200,000 families.