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Mood of Finland Oy

Mood of Finland company has been established in 2018 with a mission to act for a better future. Company´s values are creativity, inpiring and responsible - together with others and in good mood. Mood of Finland company offers educational and tourism services in finnish, spanish and english. 

The owner and founder Anu Nylund has been working in tourism industry more than 25 years, 10 years of them abroad (Spain and The Dominican Republic). Anu Nylund has been specializing in sustainable development and responsible tourism since 1990´s and keeps on learning and studying in accordance of lifelong learning philoosophy. The last couple of years Anu has been specializing also in regenerative tourism together with international network, mainly with professionals in Latin America.

Mood of Finland company has designed a concept called Love Forest Finland which invites everyone to plant a symbolic tree dedicated to a cause or to a special person. Every tree has got its story to tell and by purchasing a certification every participant donates money to nature conservation. 

Role in programme(s):


Love Forest Finland concept is owned by Mood of Finland company. It aims to offer individual consumers the opportunity to participate in climate action by planting a symbolic tree and by donating money for nature conservation. We are committed to provide at least 2 planting events for those who do not have their own place where a tree symbolizing love can be planted. We offer the opportunity for nature tourism entrepreneurs to work together so that tree planting can be integrated into a nature service. In addition to adding new carbon sinks, we remind you of the importance of conserving biodiversity and donations will be allocated to the protection of old forests. Our aim for the first year is to spread this concept globally and have at least 5 trees planted abroad.