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Millennium Destinations

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"In our interconnected world, climate change is everyone's problem. It therefore demands collective action, cooperation and coordination."
Catherine GERMIER-HAMEL, Founder & CEO, Millennium Destinations
As in impact enterprise aimed at fostering sustainable tourism places, experiences and practices, Millennium Destinations is determined to to undertake and accelerate climate action together with all signatories of the Glasgow Declaration. 
In particular, Millennium Destinations will mobilize its two grassroots solutions: Millennium Hikers and Herost, both registered as projects of the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme.
Millennium Hikers is a global initiative promoting local sustainable development and community empowerment through responsible, intercultural outdoor experiences such as hiking and walking. It is also an international community of hikers and walkers committed to have a positive impact on People and the Planet. 
Herost is an online travel guide and toolkit promoting sustainable, community-driven tourism experiences, including accommodations, activities and tours. 
Climate Action Plan Pending