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Living Place - Animação Turística

Living Place has a private forest space (ECO Quinta Villa Maria) where it carries out environmental education and awareness actions. The company created an organic garden where it produces some vegetables for its own consumption. We carry out plantations of native species and constructions to use water for irrigation.

In 2023, Living Place began measuring its CO2 emissions in some of its activities (Transport, plantations, digital equipment and plastic, paper and glass recycling).

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Living Place – Animação Turística is committed to incorporating environmental ethics into all activities in which it intervenes, both as organizer and participant, in order to make them compatible with the protection of the environment. In this sense, Living Place – Animação Turística should, whenever possible, establish partnerships at a regional or national level. We are already certified by Biosphere International in Sustainable Tourism, complying with the 17 sustainable development goals.