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La Residence, Bed and Breakfast

We are a small boutique bed and breakfast in the medieval village of Saint Antonin Noble Val in South West France. We bought an existing business in 2018 and from 2019 have been progressively changing our business to reduce our emissions and support other local businesses. These have been primarily scope 1 changes and given the overall size of the business we have probably achieved only small reductions.  We are now in the process of putting in place a formal plan that guides future changes including more structured and transparent measurement of emissions and a broadening of our actions to include scope 2 and 3 activities as much as we can.

The progress so far has been to switch to a renewable energy supplier, but in the next phase we need to look at what our suppliers are doing. As we replace equipment, light bulbs and cleaning products, we have switched to more environmentally friendly products and equipment with high energy ratings.

We are adapting the breakfast menu and sourcing more locally grown food, but we still have far too much plastic coming into the business. Finding new local suppliers where we can bulk buy with refillable bottles and containers that further reduces plastic and car use is our next task.

We have installed dual flush toilets to reduce water usage and will be re-designing our garden planting to be more drought tolerant. In every year we’ve been in France, water restrictions have been in place because of lack of summer rainfall. We are also considering how we can encourage guests to forgo daily cleaning and frequent bedding and towel changes to further reduce water and energy consumption.

It’s not going to be easy as we are based in a rural area with limited public transport, few suppliers and strict local planning rules but we are fully focussed on the task and determined to push hard on further changes our business model.