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Jus' Sail Ltd.

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We are motivated to continue to advocate for a low carbon and eventually net zero carbon tourism sector in the Caribbean. We do so because our region is, more than any other, uniquely dependent upon tourism to drive our economy whilst being extremely vulnerable to the impacts of a changing climate. Our coastal ecosystems are already severely degraded from historical norms and must be regenerated to provide ecosystem based resilience to impacts from extreme weather and rising seas. The regions tourism sector and policy makers must advocate for and lead the charge in restoring healthy ecosystems which the industry and our communities depend upon. Concurrently, we must seek better and more equitable business models and policies that allow local stakeholders to derive net benefits from tourism whilst playing their part in helping to conserve and restore nature on our islands. The region does not lead in causing global climate change but it does and must have the ability to better manage local natural resources and how we utilize them - Focus on what we do have control over (our land and our waters) whilst strongly advocating for the larger nations to take the steps necessary to reign in global CO2 emissions.
Climate Action Plan Pending