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At we want to encourage consumers to repair products more often.
For starters, users can help each other fix stuff. They do this simply by creating repair tutorials and sharing them on Handy repairmen create the repair manuals and consumers who want to repair something then use those manuals to fix what is broken. And that can really be anything; from car to coffee maker and jeans.
The repair manuals on are designed to make repair as easy as possible. The repair is explained step by step, with each step consisting of a text, a photo and/or video. In any arbitrary composition and order. In addition, the repair manuals can be provided with links to, for example, necessary parts or tools. This makes repair manuals on much more convenient to use than manuals such as videos on YouTube.
But because we notice that not everyone can or wants to repair themselves, we also offer consumers to find a repairman. That can be a professional repairman, but we also investigate whether we can also work with an experienced and skilled 'amateurs'.
Why the need to repair? We believe that we discard broken items too often and too quickly. That is a shame because they can still be used for a while after repair or because they are simply too beautiful or too valuable to greet the waste bin. Moreover, this also makes Mother Earth happy, because we exhaust her less for raw materials and energy.
We are a sustainable initiative but with a strong commercial ambition. The platform is set up in such a way that users can create repair manuals for free, but also has a commercial variant aimed at business users. Think of suppliers of parts, tools and specific services in the field of repair. In order to make repairs really contribute to a more sustainable society, we believe it is necessary to offer repairers a business model and thereby encourage them to share their knowledge.
The platform had its soft-launch in 2021.