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Intercultural Outreach Innitiative (IOI)

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IOI is a sustainable development organization that operates as both a conservation NGO and an inbound study abroad provider. IOI’s innovative and integrative organizational design merges carbon-negative educational travel with environmental protection and socio-economic progress. In 2017, IOI aligned its operations specifically to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among its various projects, IOI contributes to the achievement of 7 different SDGs. While such a concept may yet be innovative in 2020, IOI envisions a world where socio-environmental consciousness is the modus operandi for the world economy. Recent trends indicate that this vision is both possible and starting to happen. Our on-site projects are co-designed with the local communities we serve. These projects protect local resources under SDGs 14 (below water) and 15 (on land) and promote local socio-economic development under SDGs 11 (sustainable communities) and 12 (responsible consumption and production). “We declare our shared commitment to unite all stakeholders in transforming tourism to deliver effective climate action” - this is the core of our strategy and actions