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Hearts in the Ice

Role in programme(s):


• Lead by example driving action, sharing knowledge, and catalysing collaborative action throughout the sector. • Raise awareness about the urgency for the tourism sector to take action and play its role as an agent of change. "Hearts in the Ice (HITI) has already proven to be a model for how scientists, industrial partners, explorers, artists and other stakeholders can meet in a common action to focus on the most pressing issue of our time: Climate Change. HITI is a bridge between science, the general public and ongoing citizen science efforts. Through education, youth involvement, alignment with forward thinking solutions, technology and inspiration through story-telling the aim is create a global network of Climate Care citizens across a diversity of platforms. Hearts in the Ice is the team of Sunniva Sørby & Hilde Fålun Strøm. They have served as Extreme Citizen Scientists collecting science data and observations as Polar Ambassadors and Citizen Scientists for nine different International research projects over the course of 19 months that include: Norsk Polar Institutt, UNIS, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, BCIT and NASA . They have been endorsed by the Scientific community as credible and valuable resources. Hearts in the Ice was created to deepen our understanding of how powerful individual action can be to add value to our knowledge around climate change and what we can each do! By May 2021 they will have reached 100,000 students from around the world through their education outreach and twice monthly video calls hosted by Exploring by the Seat of your Pants with global experts." “Our aim has been to bridge science and citizen science, and to connect these spheres with NGOs, governments, students and the corporate world. People need information and inspiration. We spent time in the polar winter nights over 19 months to shed light on some critically important questions such as how do we, as a world community, best gather the strength of experts, citizen scientists, industries and other stakeholders, to solve the challenges we face together. We realize it’s important to reach the people who can make a difference today, but it’s equally important that we educate and inspire the next generation to be able to advance these efforts for generations to come. We support sustainable tourism as a tool for change,” stated Strøm and Sørby. The two have played an advisory role in the development of green technology and the range of activities on MS Fridtjof Nansen. The onboard Nansen Science Center is named after one of history's most versatile and internationally known and recognized Norwegians. Fridtjof Nansen was a pioneering naturalist, a polar expedition leader, an author and artist, as well as a diplomat and a philanthropist.
Climate Action Plan Pending