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GoodPlace, Institute Factory of Sustainable Tourism


It is time for GoodPlace Tourism 
GoodPlace Tourism holds every part of tourism accountable for showing respect and providing common goodwill for the destination it serves (not the reverse). In this philosophy, everyone has a critical role to play … even if yours is to relax and just enjoy.  Visitors are customers, but they are also givers. They give or share narratives and stories of their cultures, dreams, experiences, and expectations. They become protagonists and co-creators of any offer. Providers offer their homes to first-time visitors as well as their countrymen and women who (re)discover their offers. To a local who has conquered back his favorite nook to watch the sunset and spends his mornings in a comfortable hotel café in the company of the world. 
It’s time to open our cities, towns, villages and homes to people from across the planet … but also to our neighbors. We ask you, our guests, our hosts, our friends to join our mission to treat all our places — whether they are national parks, monuments, mountains, lakes, seaside, or just a bench outside your apartment — with respect. In this post-pandemic world, GoodPlace tourism is committed to making all of the time we spend with our friends — old and new — quality time with respect to the planet, climate, nature, local communities and visitors.
Goodness, safety, and respect are the main paradigms of GoodPlace Tourism development bringing partners and stakeholders along the value chain at the same table, share learn and build true good places for all.