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The Glen Mhor Hotel & Apartments

As a family business (hotels, bars and resturants around Scotland) we are dedicated to sustainable tourism and this commitment is at the heart of our business and central to both our daily planning and future developments as we look to minimise our impact on the environment around us. The Glen Mhor (Inverness) is proud to be leading the way with the building of a Geothermal Energy Centre which will supply all the hot water heating and water to the Glen Mhor, allowing the removal of all gas from the site and will be one of the first of its kind in Scotland.  Along with heavy investment into a new renewable technology, we are also building a brewery and distillery which will be heated using our own energy centre, have all water supplied from our own source and be run using  solar panels.  We also have a robust green vision and policy and equally committed to staff development and understanding - which we see as key to the success of all our projects as we look to not only future proof our businesses but to ensure that we are actively doing everything we can to become carbon neutral.