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GD Consulting

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In my role as a tourism consultant, I am passionate about promoting sustainability and decarbonization principles in the tourism sector. GD Consulting delivers lectures at several Hungarian higher education institutions on the theoretical and practical implementation of green principles in tourism, contributing to shaping the mindset of future generations. I assist my clients in integrating visitor economy procedures into their strategic objectives. I support the green transformation of tourism in the cities of Linz in Austria, and Szeged and Veszprém in Hungary, by developing strategic concepts to measure the environmental impact of tourism and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders for decarbonization. I regularly report on these activities in my sustainability tourism podcast, helping to promote awareness and mindset change on a larger scale. When spreading the principles of degrowth and green economy, my motto is, more fun with less stuff. I believe that it is the responsibility of those active in the field of tourism to achieve, during product development, that community experiences come into focus instead of the consumption of material goods that negatively affect climate change. 
Climate Action Plan Pending