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Fundacion Lenga

Fundacion lenga is a local organization based in the south of Chile, between Patagonia and the Volcanes and Lakes route. We are distributed in two touristic destinations, Puerto Natales (near Torres del Paine National Park) and Pucón in the Araucania region.

We were born in 2020 by a group of women, mainly guides in Torres del Paine with the mission to contribute to social transformation preserving harmony between the co-habitants from the most south american part of the continent, based on change habits, through Zero Waste, Outdoor Education and sustainable tourism.

In 2022 we have created a Zero Waste tourism toolkit with a focus on Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine, this is a remote place in Chile, wild lands that have been preserved from the hand of modern humans, now is thriving by Industrialization as Salmon farming and Mining. We truly believe in tourism as a key that can bring sustainable develop and stop the growth of industries that destroy the wild of these places, but it needs to be by the hand of a very conscious way to use the local resources.

This toolkit is a unique resource that compiled the reality of garbage at this south, more related to island problems, the management of waste is a "dare", a big challenge, that one more time shows the drastic differences and opportunities between the North and the South of the continent, the lack of infrastructure for reducing, reusing and recycling it makes it harder to get on zero waste, although local composting and alliance between local producers related with zero waste it presents a path for tourism to going on zero waste and good management of waste in all dimensions it's necessary for the wellbeing of tourism and this wild and marvelous destination, that needs urgently to stop the negative develop and restart with sustainable and regenerative develop.

We are also members of the Chilean Zero Waste Alliance and Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives.


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Zero waste tourism is fundamental for the responsible development of tourism and localities in the south of Chile, our...