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Fundación Impulsa Balears

IMPULSA BALEARS, as a platform for strategic knowledge and regional interaction, assumes the mission of facilitating decision-making by economic and social agents and setting up a productive transformation agenda with a significant impact on the global competitiveness of the Balearic Islands.
In accordance with this mission, the foundation focuses its activity on: 
•  Develop strategic initiatives that promote the alignment of economic and social agents around the precepts provided by the new paradigm of global competitiveness, from the construction of a holistic vision that allows identifying the levers of value, both public and private, with capacity to approximate the Balearic growth pattern to that of the most advanced European regions.
• Deploy innovative work vectors aimed at generating and incorporating the strategic knowledge necessary for the design, implementation and monitoring of a global competitiveness strategy that acts in favor of the economic and social progress of the islands.
• To promote values among the actors of the regional four-helix  that allow the construction of a collaborative process oriented towards the establishment of guidelines and consensual measures of action that allow the successful implementation of an agenda of productive transformation .

Role in programme(s):