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These days tourism business are found to be more committed to environmentally-sustainable practices than other types of business proving best ways to develop the capacity to learn and adopt changes. Following the same trends, Extollo Adventures is also committed to embed sustainability into its trip operation and planning in an innovative ways. It aims to protect the natural existence of tourist destinations where they are operating trips. Especially in Nepal, it has become a role model of Travel Company to conserve nature and practice responsible tourism. Extollo team here in Nepal is literally protecting the large area of forests, mountain trails and helping Himalayas fight against climate change. We can see Nepal can be the best place of choice for conservation activities because this country houses a vital Himalayan ecology, large area of forests and is 2nd richest country in water sources. Moreover the people of this country still worship nature as a form of god. It has been proved within the tourism industry, as the adaptability of the sector enables tourism industries to be designed and implemented which provide a development pathway to environmental Sustainability, such as through ecotourism ventures. Tourism businesses rated themselves as significantly better, able to generate local employment opportunities than other businesses. However, the environmental indicators showed several differences between tourism and non-tourism businesses in terms of the environmental indicators. Specifically, the tourism businesses were significantly more capable of measuring the amount of water used for operations, committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions , committed to reduce purchases of non-renewable materials, chemicals, and components , committed to recycling its waste , likely to have purchased solar panels, likely to have a recycling program or strategy in place ,likely to be using energy efficient appliances , likely to be using lighting, heating, air-conditioning, plant machinery, and vehicles responsibly, and likely to be encouraging the use of public or shared transport by staff and customers .Importantly, this shows that tourism rates itself more highly in terms of its environmental performance on a number of indicators than what other businesses do. So we are adopting sustainable consumption and nature conservation campaign in every destination we operate trips. Travel industry can play major role in protecting nature as well as creating awareness for the sake of responsible lifestyle. The diversified tourism market and the capacity of socially influential travelers is an asset to create a chain of moment towards nature conservation and sustainable practices. Use of modern technology, accessibility and knowledge will help gain the Sustainable Development Goals with ease once people are aware of climate change impacts. A research also suggests that the social networking sites positively influence the post-consumption experience stage of the travel cycle by providing adequate tools and services to smart tourists to evaluate their experience and share it with their peers and friends, mainly posting reviews, photos and recommendations on social networking sites, with the aim of advocating for sustainable practices and influencing other tourists to behave in a similar responsible manner.


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Reduce the carbon footprints of tourism industry in ecologically vital areas and raise awareness among travelers to be Eco...