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The Evolved Traveler


My entire career of 35+-years has been in the travel industry.  I love this business, what it has given me and allowed me to do. Almost ten years ago, like others before me, I began to understand that our business's figurative and literal footprint was not always a positive one. At that time, I realized I wanted to be part of and aligned with the forward thinkers who were already taking action on legitimate action regarding sustainable tourism. I started a company to do precisely that. 
The steps I, and my company, take today and for the remainder of my time in the travel industry will define my time in this business. As such, there is nothing more important to me than knowing that in collaboration with all other stakeholders,  I did everything I could to ensure tourism continually strives to be a force for good - for all those involved with it, all whom it touches, and our planet.
Justin Smith
President - The Evolved Traveler