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European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN)

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Climate change as it affects cultural tourism has been one of the priorities in the ECTN Charter for Sustainable Cultural Tourism since 2014 (1st edition). In particular, the following Climate Change
▪ Cultural tourism destinations and climate change impacts Risk Assessment
▪ Adaptation and mitigation measures and priorities
▪ Protection of cultural assets from related risks and setting up monitoring measures
▪ ‘Greening’ of visitor experience
▪ Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by sustainable travel choices for tourism as well as sustainable mobility solutions at destinations.
Climate action for sustainable cultural tourism and smart cultural destinations is a top priority for ECTN and will be reflected in the updated and revised ECTN Charter in 2023.
The Glasgow Declaration will be fully included in our updated ECTN Charter. 
European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) is the only pan-European network for Cultural Tourism Development and promotion. ECTN is an international association based in Brussels. ECTN Members are destinations, authorities, NGOs and research institutes. ECTN is a member of European Heritage Alliance coordinated by Europa Nostra and Signatory of the European Tourism Manifesto for Growth and Jobs, coordinated by the European Travel Commission. ECTN currently numbers 39 members in 21 countries, including 15 EU member states and 6 associated countries. ECTN members will also support the Glasgow Declaration.
Climate Action Plan Pending