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Esencialmente Destinos

Esencialmente Destinos support destinations through a comprehensive approach to face global and local challenges, including by providing access to a network of experts, comprehensive advisory services and strategic alliances. 


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Esencialmente Destinos commits to:

  • Including GTPI’s vision in the vision of the organization 
  • Guiding destinations in their work with the communities and organizations they support in light of the GTPI’s vision 
  • Communicating the organisation’s results to inspire others to take action 
  • Placing special emphasis on the reduction of plastics in the sustainability assessment and providing technical support when assessing new destinations 
  • Working with plastic wood as a mechanism to reduce plastic use, to later convert it into light infrastructure for tourism, such as trails, bridges, bird watching platforms, glamplings and other structures 
  • Promoting GTPI in the organisations’ work on sustainability and competitiveness 
  • Encouraging businesses and partners to learn more about practices to reduce single-use plastic items and packaging 
  • Advising and guiding affiliated organizations to pursue plastic reduction policies, as part of a holistic take on sustainability 
  • Promoting strategies among destinations to reuse plastic 
  • Promoting collaboration at the destination level to improve waste management practices of hotels, tour operators and local communities.