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Ecological Union

Non-profit organization Ecological Union

based in St. Petersburg, Russia

Since 1991, we have been engaged in environmental education and promotion of sustainable production and consumption – the 12th UN Sustainable Development Goal. Our mission is to promote the development of a green economy to ensure a high quality of life for people and maintain a healthy environment for future generations.

What we do

1. Development of environmental standards and eco certification

Our priority is development and implementation of type I ecolabeling (ISO 14024) "Vitality Leaf" -  the only ecolabel in Russia recognized internationally by The Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN). We apply an integrated scientific approach to assessment:

  • Verification of products and services based on life cycle analysis: raw materials, production, packaging, transportation, storage, operation, utilization.
  • Clear, multiple, scientifically based assessment criteria, taking into account the latest scientific data and best international practices.
  • Mandatory on-site audit of the enterprise.
  • Engaging of accredited laboratories for testing.

2. Environmental education

We develop criteria for introducing green public procurement, transmitting the world experience.

We help retailers to increase the level of environmental responsibility, to introduce successfully and promote eco products in stock.

We fight against greenwashing, raising awareness among the business and consumers, and develop effective and useful tools to help a responsible consumer. We have introduced the first in Russia Ecolabel Guide mobile app that helps to recognize the ecolabels on a product packaging.

We are engaged in environmental education of the business, helping to turn environmental preferences and responsibility into a competitive market advantage.

We inform people about a sustainable consumption model, using a variety of communication channels.

3. Expert services

We develop methods and standards for environmental assessment of products, projects and services, as well as environmental awards and nominations based on the product life cycle analysis.

We conduct trainings and master classes on making the business more “green” and introducing environmental habits among the employees.

We evaluate building and finishing materials in frames of green building LEED and BREEAM standards.

We accompany and control the process of EPD certification of the product: from choosing an international partner to collecting data to assess the life cycle at all stages.

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Member of the Global Ecolabelling Network

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Member of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee


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