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Ecodesarrollo Panama SA

Eco Desarollo Panama is a group of companies with activities that support climate mitigation efforts by promoting and practicing (or using):

  • restoration of biodiversity

  • sustainable building practices (LEED)

  • mini (run-off-the-river) hydropower and other renewable energy sources

  • (climate) smart forestry

  • establishment and support of private nature reserves in Panama

  • promotion of the use of conservation easements as a legal instrument to conserve and preserve nature

  • promotion and education of sustainable tourism practices

  • Support, connect & inspire nature-based businesses in our region.

We are also involved in the startup of landscape hotel operation in a  240 acre (100 hectare) private nature retreat that will adhere to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria for hotels and accommodations.  Our goal is to become certified within the first 4 years of operation.

The end goal of this project is to acquire more land in the Mesomaerican Corridor to help reestablish the biodiversity in that area (in case of degraded farmland) and promote climate-smart forestry practices and smart reforestation (in case of forests under threat).  We want to show the surrounding community that there are ways to make a sustainable living without having to cut trees.  To make this happen, we continuously engage with the local community to identifying needs and opportunities for support and evaluate their potential benefit/impact.


We believe our mission does not have to depend purely on the commitment of concerned citizens. We believe nature conservation and preservation can be united in a way that serves both the planet and our supporters and private business.

In the end, we want to become a model leader in sustainable tourism and conservation in a country that urgently needs such initiatives.

A smart and sustainable way of saving land so that nature and people may continue to thrive together is at the core of what we do.