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Dublin City Council

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We recognise that enabling a more sustainable tourism industry is a key action towards achieving the goals of our National Climate Action Plan. We will also ensure that our tourism ambitions serve the broader climate aims and obligations within Dublin’s City Development Plan 2023-2028, which are to develop a city that is: low carbon, sustainable, and climate resilient.
We have identified three goals that have shaped our tourism ambition.
Human: serves a people-centered and community-based growth agenda. 
Sustainable: is proactive, accountable and measurable toward our climate goals. 
Innovative: is future-facing, creative, collaborative and digitally-advanced.
Becoming a signatory of the Glasgow Decoration on Climate Action in Tourism is a key action that will help complement our existing climate action aims, obligations and current efforts in this area and further galvanise our commitment to driving positive climate action in our City.
Climate Action Plan Pending