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Doconomy provides leading impact data services for individuals and corporations to help educate, engage and reduce environmental impact.

Doconomy was founded in 2018 and is an impact-tech start-up investing in new measures to help tackle climate change. From the very start, we’ve been developing an ecosystem of digital tools to educate and drive positive change.

Through our alliances with Mastercard, S&P Global and UNFCCC, we are able to raise global awareness, disseminate knowledge to the many and bring evidence of what utilizing the power of finance, leading climate expertise, and technology at scale can achieve.

Together, we can bring about structural change by rewiring the financial system. It is our genuine belief that becoming conscious of the impact of our consumption can build a foundation for a new way of thinking. What if there was a way we could rewrite the rules of finance by promoting responsibility and accountability, and fostering direct action?

Facilitating learning around behavioral change is allowing us to think about climate action in a new way. The question is not ‘do people want to take on a broader responsibility’? The question is: ‘where will our actions have the biggest impact’?


We are a tool, an ecosystem, and a constantly evolving platform for understanding and acting; Promoting Everyday Climate Action.