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Djoser, founded in 1985 in the Netherlands, takes people, nature, environment and culture into account to be in line with sustainable travel and their Corporate Social Responsibility. Worldwide they work with local agents to empower the local economy and have a long lasting relation with them, for over 30 years. They want their travelers to travel consciously, in smaller groups and keep in mind the environment.

Djoser also has had a partnership with UNICEF for more than 30 years.


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Djoser commits to: 

  • Communicating with their worldwide agents (in newsletters and conference calls) their participation in the Global Tourism Plastics initiative and the importance of reducing single use plastic and signing this Global Tourism Plastics initiative. 

  • Informing all travelers, agents and other stakeholders about the importance of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative.

  • Communicating successes to travelers, partners and stakeholders via their website and newsletters.