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The Delta Group

Here at the Delta Group we’re proud to be Europe’s leading visual communication provider.  We empower world renowned brands and serve industries across the UK specialising in the Retail, FMCG, Film & Gaming and Out of Home (OOH) sectors.

Delta’s expertise lies in visual communications for Point of Sale (POS), activations and campaigns, including OOH, Digital Screens, Experiential, state-of-the-art print facilities across 6 locations, and our own creative agency.

 The Delta Group has implmeneted a robust Net Zero strategy, that maps out our commitment and steps that we will take in order to reduce our carbon emissions and become net zero. Some steps being: using renewabl energy accross all sites, implementing a robust waste segration system, utilising off-cuts back into production streams, optimsiing eco-design to create products that have a longer lifecycle and much more. 

Please contact The Delta Group's Sustainability Director, Starzeus Hassan-McGhee for further information.