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CrossoverPeru Foundation

CrossoverPeru is a tour operator based in Peru. Their mission is to deliver the best travel experiences in the country while protecting the environment and working with local communities along the places that we visit. They are an official operator in the Historical Sanctuary of MachuPicchu, along the Inca trail to MachuPicchu.

They have developed all our logistic operations in order not to bring single-use plastic as a way to protect the environment. Their crew is well-trained and they have all the equipment to avoid single-use plastics. Also, they encourage travellers to bring reusable bottles so they can provide filter water during the hike in their own bottles.


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, CrossoverPeru commits to:
  • Showing metrics about how to reduce plastics in operations with suppliers and partners;
  • Working with hotels, lodges, transportation companies, and train companies to implement together strategies and activities to measure activities by 2025;
  • Implementing the terms and regulations as part of the supply chain, while also training the crew and partners;
  • Communicating with suppliers and travellers;
  • Reporting publicly and annually on progress made towards these targets via own reporting mechanisms.