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Considerate Group

The Considerate Group advises and consults hospitality businesses and hotels on how to integrate sustainability into their operations at all levels, following the UNSDGs as guiding principles. The Considerate Groupe supports creation of strategies for hotels to reduce resource consumption, plastic and other waste as well as adivses on supply chain management, behavioural change, communication initiatives, reporting and measuring.

Role in programme(s):


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, the Considerate Group commits to:

  • Integrating 'plastic reduction' in their consultancy work with hospitality business, providing them with training on the overall issue, setting concrete goals, driving behavioural change with staff, finding alternative solutions, and creating a roadmap to achieve a set goals for plastic reduction and ultimately reporting on progress through ongoing monitoring.
  • Guiding and advising affiliated organization through trainings, workshops, toolkits and webinars as well as ongoing updates in their newsletters and communication through social media channels.
  • Issuing regular updates on success through all communication channels (blogs, website, newsletter, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram).
  • Publicly reporting on progress of the implementation of their commitments once a year.