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Connecting Peru

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Connecting Peru is a consulting company based in Peru and with scope in the Andean countries.  We are a company specialized in environmental and sustainability issues in the hotel and tourism sectors.  Due to our experience, the constant relationship we maintain with hoteliers and tourism professionals, it is obvious that not necessarily the entire sector is strictly familiar with issues of sustainability, the environment and what is relevant now, climate change.  We are now entering a somewhat complicated terrain, since to take action in this field we must first have a minimum knowledge of the subject and the situation that allows us to have an opinion and awareness about it in order to take the best actions.  Climate change is one of the most threatening issues for society at a global level, little action is seen to mitigate it compared to what is really necessary, both from the point of view of our government, for example, in Peru, and that of individual investors in hospitality.  That is why we are committed to reinforcing our knowledge and transferring it to our clients and institutions who must respond to these issues in their organizations and ensure that tourism becomes a zero emission sector, that it protects the environment in all its forms and will take decisive action to limit future global emissions.  During the next twelve months Connecting Peru will make every effort to transmit the correct message to our clients through reports, adequate information on our web page and certainly, include the measures to be taken in every report we make during the course of our consultancies.