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Community Vision Group

Community Vision Group (CVG) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to contributing towards a poverty-free society, where children can live to their full potential. Our vision is to help transform communities. Our core programme is the “Feed the Child” initiative, emerging from a deep burden to meet the food security, health, and nutritional as well as educational needs of primary-aged children in Cameroon and beyond. CVG is registered in the United Kingdom (England and Wales, Reg. No.13294553) and Cameroon (Reg. No.10/ACK/E/32/A2/CSAAJP). Apart from Cameroon, CVG is registered in Malawi (Reg. No. TMBRS1013908) following an encounter of the promoter in Zomba District where many children are unable to access education for reasons related to food security, health, and nutrition