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Common Seas

Common Seas is an NGO based in the United Kingdom. Their mission is to reduce global plastic production and waste. They take a systems-change approach and have several projects and initiatives. Their new plastic reporting tool, PlasTICK, supports hospitality businesses to set baselines, learn about and identify effective interventions, and monitor progress towards reduction targets. PlasTICK aligns to the GTPI Measurement Methodology for Accommodation Providers. PlasTICK is a user-friendly software available for signatories to meet their annual plastic reporting commitment. Users calculate the plastic footprint of their organisation while learning from the tool’s inbuilt education on practical solutions to reduce SUP use, through a series of tools, exercises and case studies. Best practices are shared across affiliated organisations and social media. PlasTICK was built in consultation with 125 small-to-medium hospitality businesses in Greece. Businesses piloting the tool have used it to develop clear action plans that would reduce consumption of single-use plastics of 30 to 50%.

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In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Common Seas commits to:
  • Encouraging affiliated organisations and businesses or partners (PlasTICKs users) to join the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative;
  • Increasing PlasTICK’s users to 3,500 by 2025; Having 175+ of PlasTICK members become GTPI signatories by 2025;
  • Eliminating problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging through redesign, innovation, and new delivery models;
  • Introducing reuse models where relevant, reducing the need for single-use packaging;
  • Ensuring all plastic packaging is 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable;
  • Establishing that plastic packaging is reused, recycled, or composted in practice;
  • Ensuring the use of plastics is fully decoupled from the consumption of finite resources;
  • Verifying that plastic packaging is free of hazardous chemicals, and the health, safety, and rights of all people involved are respected.
  • Publicly report on implementation of commitments above.
Common Seas works globally to support businesses within the tourism sector in reducing their consumption of harmful single-use plastics, which produce greenhouse gas emissions throughout their lifecycle. Plastic production is expected to triple by 2050 and could be responsible for 13% of the total global carbon budget, if we can achieve net-zero. Common Seas aims to help tourism businesses reduce plastic and accelerate climate action by providing detailed guidance and creating digital tools for calculating and reporting single-use plastic consumption and the carbon emissions this produces.
Climate Action Plan Pending