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Circular11 (formerly Greenbrick Workshops) is a start-up that produces disaster-resilient building materials that non-specialists can use to build safe, high-quality housing. We are developing a range of composites from local plastic waste and industrial by-products, and shape this into a building product that can slot together for automatically safety-compliant construction. It has a fraction of the embodied carbon of traditional materials, offers better insulation values, and is designed with adjustments in mind - we know that homes are a constantly expanding project, so the facades created from our brick are designed to be expanded easily later on.


We believe that a circular economy is the key to achieving SDG 11, to create safe, disaster-resilient housing for all. That's also why we focus on emerging market in South and South-East Asia, which have the highest demand for building materials, and the greatest need for disaster-resilience. We combine material innovation and high volume manufacturing to unlock a more sustainable, safe, and sheltered future.