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Chamber of Diving and Watersports, Egypt

The Chamber of Diving and Watersports, Egypt is a semi-governmental agency that oversees and regulates the touristic diving and water sports activities in Egypt. The Chamber works as a link between the private sector and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, providing services such as ISO certifications, Green Fins, technical and awareness training courses for the workforce in the sector, setting operational and safety guidelines, organizing workshops and clean up events and providing technical advice regarding the industry to government.  
Global Tourism Plastics Initiative Signatory
Since 2019, the organization has been actively promoting the removal of single-use plastics in the diving and water sports sectors by providing guidelines on how to reduce a business' plastic footprint, providing mandatory free plastic pollution awareness courses for every business and its staff in their sector, bringing the Green Fins program to Egypt in late 2019, aiding governorates to pass decrees against single-use plastic usage and regularly organizing cleanups in various locations in the Red Sea. 


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Chamber of Diving and Watersports, Egypt commits to:

  • Sending out an official letter to all of the diving and water sports businesses in Egypt encouraging them to join the initiative. The letter will include the recommendations for the tourism sector on continuing to take action on plastic and the Chamber’s existing guidelines on plastic reduction. 
  • Providing free plastic pollution awareness courses to the tourism sector and continuing to raise awareness through content creation, videos, cleanups, workshops and partnerships with other organizations.  
  • Gathering a list of suppliers who provide biodegradable alternatives and share them with the sector.  
  • Communicating the Chamber’s achievements through newsletters to their members in the sector and their social media platforms.