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Celebi Garden Hotel

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Celebi Garden’s mission is to create a sustainable future for everyone. Celebi Garden regenerated tourism by combining production with consumption. Each hospitality unit is built to protect the rich culture of Mehmetçik Village and disseminate it to the world. In 2021, all Celebi brands took step towards company’s Corporate Social Responsibility goals for creating a sustainable, experience based travel, and commitment that emphasizes Celebi Garden’s dedication to responsible travel and growth with purpose. Celebi Garden’s responsible travel policy includes: To reduce the negative and increase the positive impacts of tourism activities in operational practices on social and physical environment within the areas of tourism To inform and demonstrate the staff, suppliers and travelers Celebi Garden’s commitment to social and environmental best practice To differentiate Celebi Garden from other hotel’s and add value to the quality product the hotel already offer To show how Celebi Garden meets the minimum standards in order to join Responsible Travel And to create better travel experiences for Celebi Garden customers
Climate Action Plan Pending