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Castelo Vendom was designed with sustainability and respect for nature at its heart, so that you can enjoy your holiday in a tranquil, natural environment. The ecolodge is an open, airy space where you can enjoy the cool night air and garden greenery.
Our peaceful garden is built around an ecological pool, free of chlorine and chemicals. We use only natural minerals like sand, carbon and UV light to keep it clean and clear as spring water. A gentle waterfall provides a calming atmosphere with the natural sound of water mingling with the singing of birds.
An organic vegetable garden provides much of our fresh vegetables and herbs used in our home-made cooking.
Biologically recycled water is used to water the garden, and all our electricity is produced by local renewable energy sources like the Ceara wind turbines.
Built to ecological standards and with respect for the environment, we are committed to:
• Develop clean energy building techniques
• Use local resources to reduce our carbon footprint
• Involve the local population

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